Code of Conduct

1. Purpose:

This Code of Conduct describes the standards of behaviour that are expected of class attendees and the instructor/owner of Pole 4 the Soul NZ.

(Pole 4 the Soul team)

2. Fundamental Responsibilities:

(a) People on the 'Pole 4 the Soul' team must be properly inducted

There are full details of these on the full induction form

They are bullet-pointed on a whiteboard in the studio for revision as well

(b) People on the 'Pole 4 the Soul' team must recognise and respect each others right to their own experience during class:

What works for one person may not work for the next

Everyone has a different background, journey, and goal/s

Avoid behaviour that could be considered as harassment, exploitation,

or discrimination

(c) People on the 'Pole 4 the Soul' team must behave in a way that is respectful to other class attendees:

Personal issues with others must be left at the door

Remember confidentiality when seeing class attendees outside of the studio

(d) People on the 'Pole 4 the Soul' team understand that failure to

adhere to these responsibilities may result in being asked to leave:

This is to ensure that the vision of Pole 4 the Soul NZ is carried out

There will be a trial period of at least two classes to see a change in behaviour

If there is no change or improvement, you will be asked to leave indefinitely


Contact information

Address 33 Devon ST W
Mobile +64278506162
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Opening hours

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